It is a series of 80 expeditions, with technical participants invited form all over the world. Together, in upcoming years, we will visit places that combine two characteristics: monumental natural beauty and extreme heights. We will see and show the world from a totally new perspective: jumping perspective.
So far we have reached six out of 80 objectives – see previous editions.

Upcoming expeditions will feature experienced slackliners, B.A.S.E. jumpers and paragliders, joining our team. Every expedition will set higher standards for the next one.

Dream Walker is a project designed for people willing to make their dreams come true. With courage to take the first, most important step. Into abyss, themselves, their life, their hopes. For those who are not afraid of the cost of their dream: breaking their schedule, new environment, leaving comforts of their life behind. This project unites. Unites with passion.  

This is the project joined by those who dream of new emotions and experiences. For those for whom day-to-day life is not everything.  The idea behind Dream Walker is to open a hermetic environment of extreme sport professionals for everyone. It is possible thanks to Dream Jump technology, allowing maximum free fall capacity with maximum safety.

This initiative inspires all, regardless of nationality and status. It inspires us to fly, allows to live anew.


Dream Jump is a patented technique of jumping off heights using a belay system, dynamic ropes and pulleys.

Thanks to its innovative design and universal application it allows us to jump off any object, while extending free fall to the maximum: even to 90% of the height of the object from which we jump.

Long free fall gives the jumper unlimited ability for acrobatic performance: flips, spins, cart-weels… It also multi-person jumps or jumps with objects.


People keep saying: „if God would like us to fly,he would give us wings”. Thank god, we have rope jumps. Many can say, that bungee is at its top point, that rope jumping discipline can  chieve in its creativity, when it comes to letting people fly from heights, and get no harm from it.

Parachuting is a thing for quite a long time already, extreme BASE jumping appeared in the so called meantime, and Bungee just brought to light the whole new rope type, based on rubber core.

But who would a man be, if not a clever and cunning creature, always chasing new things – he created DREAM JUMP. What is it then, some may ask?

It is a whole new level of rope jumping. A patent-protected technology, allowing people to jump from heights, with a belaying system made with dynamic ropes and a loose pulley. The core of this method are two ropes, loosely attached to two opposite structures, such as buildings or natural stone walls, in the „U” shaped way. Such construction allows to achieve a stunning free fall with 90% of the jumping object’s height. Wide versatility of this constructions, allows the constructors to build in on any imaginable object, whether it is an architectonic structure, or a natural monument. With such a long free fall, the jumper is able do do a wide range of acrobatic stunts in the mid-air, such as overturns, spins, and many more. What is more, the jumps can be performed by multiple people at the same time, and with use of different props, such as a chair, for example. Since all of the system’s elements are doubled, the constructors were able to achieve extreme level of safety. All forces applied to a jumping person, are resolved and wiped out by elements of the belay system, and the braking itself, is very gentle, assuring high level of
comfort. The forces affecting jumper’s spine are reduced to a minimum.

The mastermind behind Dream Jump – Tomasz Zieliński – he invented the method, and conducted his first jump in 1997 in Głogów, Poland, from a height of just 7 meters. He is still an active jumper ever since, and the main constructor of the setups.Current record is set up for the jump from a 222 meters with free fall of 180 meters long (the first jump performed from the top of the Dream Tower was on 27 April 2010, check out this movie).