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Every edition of Dream Walker needs support. It needs jumpers. They are our main sponsors and partners. Those, who in exchange for financial support expect something real – emotions, Not the emotions you can experience in your bathtub with a … brand of soap, THE REAL ONES.

You are creating Dream Walker, granting it its essence, giving its energy with your positive attitude. This project was made for You.

People who believed us so far in previous edition (even though we’ve only started only with the belief, that this project can succeed, the confidence and a pioneer sense of mission):
Agnieszka – accountant, Krzyś – web page brooker, Bartek – bank manager, Bartek II – student, Łukasz- hotel maintenance man, Kasia i Paweł – lawyers, Patryk – to this day no one knows what he does for a living, Paweł II – salesman,  Juan – IT specialist, Carlos- skiing instructor, Tomek I – biker,  Krzyś II – graphic designer, Adam – photographer, Yuri – social media agency owner, Marek – graduate, Jorge – physics student, Aneta – office worker, Raul – IT specialist, Beata – cleaning company employee, Thomas -solider, Tomek II – surveyor, Grzegorz – surveyor, Kacper -programmer, pentester, Krzyś III – programmer, Damian – HR manager. (Picture gallery TBA).

For some of them. it was the first time leaving their desks and changing their lives. Some had to save money to go with us. Some supported us in installments. They were all connected by the desire, to dive into the World and Emotions. Great Passion.

Thank You once again – You are THE BEST.