01-30 MAY 2013

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First expedition of Dream Walker is behind us. Undoubtedly, the first expedition of Dream Walker and setting the new world record for freefall using ropes is an unparalleled achievement. We have reached 30 meters more than the Russian team, Rock’n’Rope in 2010.

Expedition took place in May and June 2013. Our first goal was Kjerag – a mountain set near Lysefjord, Norway. Its extreme depth, reaching 984 meters enabled us to jump over the old record and kick-started our new project, to which we invited two foreign teams: French Pyrenaline represented by Paul-Antoine Droiton, Gautier Bourgart, Adrian Pipe, and Guillermo Piris representing Spanish HighJump.

For our record breaking jump we used almost one metric tonne of equipment. The ropes were about 5 km in length. All of it was carried on the top of Mt. Kjerag on our sherpa back. Difficult, often vertical ascends required utmost effort from our technical team, as each member was carrying 30 kg backpack.

Weather on Kjerag – extreme. Often rainy, with high winds intertwined with blue skies and beautiful weather. The longest time with good weather – 2 days. Most of the ropes and belay was installed during rainfall.

Everything was coordinated by Tomasz Zieliński – the owner of Dream Jump patent. Thanks to his ingenious technical skill, vast experience and support from the team, the ropes were finally set over the abyss. After a test jump by Tomasz, first jumpers started to jump.

Record breaking jump was made by a member of Polish tech team – Łukasz Miłuch. 310m of freefall – it was amazing!

Finally, after much uncertainty, fear, doubt and maximum, exhausting motivation, there came a time for euphoria. THE RECORD HAS BEEN BEATEN!

On the beginning of June, our tech team was joined by our „record” Partners: „GruBson” – Patryk Grotkowski, Agnieszka Kolasa, Tomasz Moj, Paweł Brożek, Katarzyna Bagińska, Paweł Krukowski, Bartosz Oliwa,  Bartosz Sobieraj, Krzysztof Lipka, Tomasz Gacek, Grzegorz Brzyski, Aneta Grzona, Yuri Drabent, Adam Balcerek, Thomas Lundberg, Krzysztof Bernaczek, Beata Kaleta, Łukasz Wypych, Marek „Robak” Rogowski.

Thanks to cooperation of the whole Dream Walker Team, all of our jumps were „jumped”, all the dreams fulfilled, and we experienced maximum dose of adrenaline. Emotions we felt echoed deep. Exclusive emotions. From the ones You never forget.
Behind The Scenes

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