04-20 OCTOBER 2013

In October 2013 the II expedition of Dream Walker had started. Our goal was river Verdon canyon and beating the French record of free fall jump set few months prior to our expedition, by a befriended team Pyrenaline. They described their jump to be 240m high on their YouTube channel.
But after measurements in the canyon (we always carry laser targeted marker for professional measurement) it turned out to be impossible as:

  • Canyon depth: 300m,
  • Jumping spot elevation (trees): 220m
  • Maximum freefall than can be reached in this circumstances is: 200 m (while touching the top branches. Risky, but not impossible)

We reached 160 m of free fall. Undoubtedly the French had reached further, but how much further – remains unknown. We do not have any precise data. We will be back next year – after the Dream Walker flag left on the nearest branch of the highest tree.

During this edition, our Polish team cooperated with Spanish HighJump Madrid (once again Guillermo Piris and Marta Jimenez, the only woman in expeditions technical team, Borja Caspuenas Gomez,  Adrian Gomez Sanchez). Two different cultures, languages, customs, experiences. Most enriching experience!

Of course we mustn’t forget our Partners and jumpers Bartek Sobieraj (2 editions), Krzysztof Lipka (2 editiona), Aneta Grzona (2 editions), Beata Kaleta (2 editions), Krzysztof Kujawa (1 edition), Damian Borkowski (1 edition), Kacper Kwapisz (1 edition), Juan Ros (1 edition), Carlos Torija Munoz (1 edition), Jorge (1 edition), Raul (1 edition).

The canyon itself is majestic. Beautiful. Dangerous. Along its course we can find lengthy winding roads, one-way it may seem – but no. Again and again two buses must pass by each other, with abyss on your side, all the time. European headquarters for climbers, B.A.S.E. Jumpers and rope jumpers.

Contrary to I edition, this one was hosted in close proximity to civilization! Picturesque towns and countryside leaning against the rocks provided us with fresh water and bread… Luxurious and easy for those who took part in our record breaking expedition.
We will meet again during Dream Walker: III expedition.

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