06-12 OCTOBER 2014

Today, Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 jumps, and Dream Jump rope technique amazes everyone in Dubai and wherever it shows. However, when in May 2013, on our quest to redefine the world record on Kjerag mountain, 100 km before the port in Denmark and a few hours before our ferry trip to Norway we lost the wheel of the trailer with our equipment, it seemed that the record would remain unbroken – there was no sign of today’s success. What we have learned during this unpleasant event, is to never give up, and always keep going. Constantly endeavor to your purpose. Thanks to all of you who have been, and still are with us, believing in us and giving us an amazing cheer, we were always able to find motivation to action! Thank you so much our positively crazy extreme FANS!

Amazing week and great success for our Dream Walker team – Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 jumps, during The Spearo Extreme Sports Expo zone, SkyDive Dubai 9-11 October 2014. !!!We can assure you today, our dear fans, that the time for more exotic jumping places have finally come. Once again, we have shown to the whole world, what is rope jumping in Dream Jump technique!!!! Everyone present at site, was craving to try rope jump, and discover the incredible euphoria that is coming from the jump. We get excited together with: DREAM WORLD, UNIDEVELOPEMENT, SURGE POLONIA.

This time, rope jumping was performed from the crane. 60 m is high, or not so high – you decide. Probably, the most important for us was the atmosphere of the The Spearo Extreme Sports Expo fair, where we have met amazing people from the Extreme World. Culture and climate of Dubai have also astonishing.

Unfortunately, time does not allow us to give you more details. We are already preparing V and VI expedition of the Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 jumps.

More information will be available soon on our vlog, and now check out the materials from Dubai.

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