16-29 NOVEMBER 2015

Europe’s highest hotel Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm (Spain) – accomplished!
Eventually it opened up its door for us. And what is most important, we were allowed to use technical lift, which took us to the top of the building.
That is where we assembled an impressive platform for jumping.
With the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea under our feet, we started rope jumping.

It was almost like Dubai. We didn’t have time to build a second system for rope jumping (please do not compare these jumps, and Dream Jumping to bungee- this is something completely different!).

Of course, we were accompanied by BASE jumper, Eder Navacerrada Paris, parachute instructor Santi Corella and 10 selected partners!

During the first scheduled day with the company of BASE jumper the wind began to blow a little to much, and got we got scared by the weather forecasts. They were a real nightmare – wind so strong, that the dynamic ropes are under platform, and everyone wants to jump. Rope jumping are very dependent on wind – and wind does not help at all… The weather turned our beautiful the next day, and it began: the queue to the platform was as long as queue to the Santa’s gift for Christmas!

As you probably know, one of the crew members is Carlos. For the first time he felt like home (Well, he was home after all). He was so excited and buzzing, that he was getting thunderous ovations time after time (once even standing ovations) from his fellow-countrymen and tourists watching rope jumps. Of course, our Spanish parachute jumper also had a good time, which you are about to see in the video below!





  • It was like always – just a BLAST! We gave you emotions and adrenaline, and you will NEVER forget it!
  • assembly phase from 16th to 22nd of November,
  • jumps from 23rd to 29th of November,
  • 500 kilograms of the equipment,
  • total cost of the VII edition – 22 000 euro.

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