We are looking forward to cooperation with you -Dream Walker is a pioneering, strong and creative project!

By joining our sponsors, you will gain satisfaction and certainty of taking part in an unique event marking its place in extreme sports history and human achievement.

You will help in creation of new community – Dream Walker Community – formed from courageous, confident people with courage to fulfill their dreams. Joined by passion.

The offer to our sponsors consists of geniue emotions that are present at every expedition. Unique video and photo material. We are the only ones and the best at what we do. The same goes to our coverage, video and photos from our expeditions.

Dream Walker needs financing. Every expeditions means cost. It includes equipement, logistics, transportations – and many more.

If Dream Walker project is the fresh idea that your company marketing is lacking – feel free to contact us!

Dream Walker around the world in 80 jumps

Agata Majerczak
tel. + 34 693 77 64 60
a.majerczak (at) dreamwalker80.com